Bible Verses to Help You Deal With the Fear of Mesothelioma Survival Rates

Mesothelioma adaptation rates are acutely low because this blazon of blight has a continued cessation aeon (between 20 and 50 years) and so the ache is commonly diagnosed if it has already done a lot of accident to the body.

The abbreviate activity assumption scares some mesothelioma patients who feel that already they are diagnosed with this blazon of cancer, again it agency they will die aural one or two years.

However, there are humans who reside with this ache for abounding years, some for as continued as 15 years and more.

So if you are one of the mesothelioma patients who get afraid if they see or apprehend about these rates, actuality are some Bible verses that can advice you to accord with such fear.

1. Cry To Jehovah For Advice

“Hear my cry, O God, accept to my prayer; from the end of the Apple I alarm to Thee, if my affection is faint. Advance Thou me to the bedrock that is college than I; for Thou art my refuge, a able belfry adjoin the enemy.” (Psalm 61:1-3).

Spend account and hours anniversary day cloudburst out your affection to the LORD and ask Him to admission you benevolence and adroitness so that you can reside for abounding added years and adore the aggregation of your spouse, children, and friends. If you do that, the LORD, who has promised to apprehend our prayers and to acknowledgment us (John 16:24), and whose affection softens at the cry of the suffering, will abundance you and advance you to a abode area there is tranquility: He will let the Holy Spirit strengthen your close man and that will accomplish you acquaintance calmness in your soul.

2. God Is Holding You So Do Not Abhorrence

“For I, the LORD your God, ascendancy your appropriate hand; it is I who say to you, “Fear not, I will advice you.” (Isaiah 41:13).

In this verse, the LORD assures you that He has got you covered: He will adviser you anniversary day of your activity and anticipate angry from antibacterial you. He will not acquiesce the mesothelioma to cut your activity abbreviate on Earth. He will not let the mesothelioma blight clarify and abate your activity expectancy. He will accord your doctors and the nurses who are demography affliction of you the acumen and abilities they charge to yield acceptable affliction of you so that you will reside long. He will let the surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation analysis plan so that you can see an advance in your condition. Therefore, admonish yourself generally that these are the words of the abundant I AM and assurance God’s chat aloft the abrogating words you apprehend from friends, family, neighbors, and medical cadre cogent you that those who accept mesothelioma do not reside for a continued time.

3. Accept In The LORD

“Let not your hearts be troubled; accept in God, accept aswell in Me.” (John 14:1).

Do not affront and accession your claret burden unnecessarily because of those ante that you accept been audition about in the media. Do not get afraid if you apprehend the experts discussing how bad the bearings is, or how austere the affairs are apropos a cure for mesothelioma in the next few years. Accept in God with all your heart. Accept His promises and adduce them every day.

Believe that He is acceptable all the time and assurance that He will accumulate you from day to day and renew your backbone so that you can accomplish your purpose on earth.

Believe that the affectionate God who fabricated Methuselah reside for 969 years can accomplish you too reside for 90 years or 100 years or about continued you wish to reside on Earth, admitting the actuality that you accept mesothelioma.

4. Bandy Your Fears And Worries On Him

“Cast all your anxieties on Him, for He cares about you.” (1 Peter 5:7).

The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines the chat casting as, “to bandy something, abnormally advisedly or with force.”

So, do not pet and baby those abrogating thoughts that appear into your apperception and affliction you from day to day. Bandy them at the LORD. Tell Him you do not wish those thoughts to abort your accord of apperception and so you wish Him to advice you get rid of them.

Furthermore, assertively, accomplish affirmations such as these every day, “LORD, I accord all these bad thoughts that are authoritative me feel afflicted to You. Yield them away, LORD! Accord me accord of mind. I accept acceptance in You. I apperceive acceptable things will appear and not the abhorrent things I generally imagine. LORD, clean abroad these alarming thoughts! LORD, accord me brainy abatement so that I can feel happy.”


Mesothelioma adaptation rates can abet abhorrence in some patients. However, if you yield ascendancy over abrogating thoughts with God’s word, your all-overs and abhorrence will abate and you will be able to adore anniversary day better.

– Your Family Pet